Congratulations on selecting Autumnz TRULEE Hands Free Milk Collection Kit.
Now moms have freedom to multi task or relax while pumping.

  • Easy to use and wash
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable usage
  • Just place under the nursing bra and free your hand from holding the bottle
  • Comes with a backflow protector to prevent breastmilk from flowing into the breastpump
  • BPA Free

  • Contains:
1) Breast shield (25mm) x 2
2) Breast Shield Cover x 2
3) Connector x 2
4) Short Tubing x 2
5) Long Tubing with Connectors x 2
6) Valve x 2
7) Membrane x 2
8) Backflow protector (consists of Top Casing, Silicone Diaphragm and Bottom Casing) x 2
9) 5oz Breastmilk Storage Bottle x 2
10) Screw Ring x 2
11) Sealing Disc x 2

Funnel diameter : 25mm

*Please read the user guide/manual regarding the cleaning/sterilisation carefully, some of the parts cannot be sterilised or boiled, it will cause damage.

Autumnz - TRULEE Hands Free Milk Collection Kit (2 sets)

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