Qty: 2 x valves  and 4x membrane  (The latest version upgraded to orange colour)

Compatiable for:

> Medela's breastpumps, except Freestyle and Swing Maxi. 

> Maymom, 

> Spectra 

> Cimilre

> Freemie 

- Valves and membranes are stored in a transparent plastic box for better protection.

- Valve is designed to have larger slope so that breastmilk can easily flow through the valve.

- Membrane is more flexible than Medela membranes, and it can respond faster to the pressure change during pumping.

- BPA free, and can be sterilized in water steam or boiling water.

- Every batch is tested to meet FDA's regulations on plastics that contact food. 



Maymom Valves And Membranes For Freemie, Spectra, Cimilre, Medela

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