Material Polyester+ 24%Spandex
Colour Beige
  • Postpartum care, Slimming & Shaping
  • Waist Protection
  • Provides added support to loosened pelvic ligaments and joints
  • Return to pre-pregnancy body size
  • Velcro closure,adjustable closure for easy wearing
  • Recommended worn in the first week after delivery (For caesar, we recommend worn after 2 week or ask doctor advice)


Measurement :(cm)

Size Suggested Waist Suggested Weight

70-85cm  /  27-33inch

less than 55kg

80-95cm /  31-37.5inch

50 - 65kg

90-110cm /  35-43.5inch

65 - 90kg

100 - 115cm / 39-45.3inch

85 - 100kg



  1. Do not wear too tight during first/second week after delivery.
  2. If allergy develops, stop wearing immediately (or wear inner)
  3. Store the band in a dry and ventilated environment, keep away from moisture;
  4. Do not put the band under direct sunshine;
  5. Do not put into washing machine, gently wash by hand using warm water and very mild soap
  6. Air-dry and do no iron


Striped Postpartum/Slimming Band/Bengkung Confinement Combo

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