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  • This space saver cooler bag is thoughtfully designed to be flexible enough for both work and outing purposes. With the aim of all-in-one (store bottles/storage bags and portable breast pumps in one single cooler bag), this bag suits the needs of breastfeeding mothers who are after a compact yet sleek combo.
  • A well-structured bag that is truly functional. Definitely a great companion as you embark on your breastfeeding journey. A small investment that goes a long way.


  • Backpack function with Back support for comfortable wear
  • 2 separate compartments - bottom compartment to store your breast milk, ice gel and the top compartment to store your breast pump* (not suitable for heavy duty breastpump s1, s2 and etc)
  • Fully insulated inner (with padding) to keep breast milk cooler for a longer time
  • High quality waterproof and dirt-resistant outer layer making it durable and easily maintained (wipe with a damp cloth)
  • Golden zipper with PU leather puller
  • Back pocket allows extra space for handphone/key/purse
  • Comes with a sturdy hand carry handle - for hand carry                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

* FREE V-Coool Reusable 400ML Ice Pack

The ice pack is made of biological material by high-tech process. It is nontoxic, elastic, gluey,  and reusable. It has a high cold capacity and it is and ideal substitute of ice cubes, dry ice, and other cold producing medium.


VolumeUp to 400ML/400g.
  • Safe, non-toxic, reusable, durable
  • To chill breastmilk
  • To chill food and drink (e.g. picnics at the park; long road trips)
  • To reduce injury swelling
  • Temporary relief of headache or fever



1. Pour in water slowly until "indication" line.   (fill in Once only)

2. The contents will become cooling gel in 5 minutes.

3. Place ice pack flat in freezer for 8 hours prior to each use

4. When used in a cooler bag or cooler box, place the ice pack on top or side of items to be cooled

5. For optimum results, place 2 or 3pcs of ice pack or use together with premium ice brick to keep breastmilk chilled at ideal temperature for a longer period. (8-24hours)

6. Reusable, repeat step 3.  

V-Coool Simple Denim Backpack Cooler Bag + Free Gift

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